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Annual Westchester County Events

westchester countyWestchester County, NY provides numerous annual events that can keep you occupied throughout the year. There are events suitable for the whole family while others are only fit for adults.

At the beginning of the year the John Jay Homestead hosts a day of fun for the family. Kids can have thrilling moments as they warm themselves by a roaring bonfire. A cup of hot cocoa comes in handy.

The Great Westchester train show is another great event that merits consideration. In this event approximately 300 tables consisting of new, used and antique trains and toys come to White Plains. Adults and kids as well can pick toy soldiers, trains tracks, die casts and a host of other play items.

The Annual Hudson River Eagle Fest present a great opportunity to see some of the world’s most impressive animals at Croton Point Park. A close encounter with eagles and owls is very refreshing.

Big Brew Festival offers adults with a unique drinking opportunity. With more than 70 beer distributors converging at the Westchester County center you will get the opportunity to sample the best beer brands on the market.

St. Patrick’s Day parades feature bands, floats dancers and a great variety of holiday themed entertainers for the entire family.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is offered twice annually for 14 days in March and November. It is the largest dining event in Westchester that features more than 200 participating restaurants. The restaurants offer bargains for the meals to the more than quarter million diners.

Lyndhurst Family Fun Day gives families a great outing. Kids can have a great day at the grounds of the Lyndhurst Mansion. These grounds are populated with a lot of amazing LEGO sculptures, a play tent, moving display, petting zoo as well as a scavenger hunt.

The Caramoor Summer Music festival comes between the months of June through August. It is a thrill for lovers of music, especially classical, roots jazz and other popular genres of music. The Mamaroneck Firemen’s Carnivore in July leads up to Independence Day and features parades and numerous family-friendly activities. You can enjoy rides, a dunk tank, games, food and raffles as you raise money to support a worthy cause in the form of the Mamaroneck’s Volunteer Fire Department.

The American Gold Cup is a great experience. Olympic caliber horses and their riders compete in this annual event. You won’t miss out on the boutique shopping and fun for the entire family.

The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze brings together over 7000 individually hand-carved pumpkins in October. These light up the night in a creative walk-through experience that you will be hard to forget.

Frost day is one of the county’s popular holiday traditions. The event happens on Main Street in Armonk and provides a glimpse of seasonal splendor. Numerous family events and activities including the grand parade that features Frosty himself are carried out.

New Year’s Eve draws the curtains at the end of the year. White Plains, New Rochelle and cities and towns hold annual events to usher in the New Year with plenty of food, drink and other attractions.

Count on Westchester County for rewarding annual events that keep you refreshed and hoping for the next one.


Why You Really Need A Home Security System

home intruderThe topic of home security systems are always two sided. Some people say you don’t need one and other people say you do. The reality of the matter is simple, it never hurts to have on. Even the folks who say you don’t need one change their mind once their home or business gets robbed or broken into. The thing to keep in mind is that home security systems provide peace of mind and protection on several levels. It is important that people understand what a home security system really does.

Protecting Your Home And Family Is Easy.

It is easy to protect your home and your family with a home security system. Installing a system can cost some money however, not installing one could cost you much more later on. If someone breaks in and does damage, robs everything you own or worse. The peace of mind alone is worthy of the cost of the system. How much money would it cost to replace the family pet or your child or husband or wife? As you already know, these things can not be priced out in any form. Keeping them safe at any cost is well worth it.

Protection In Case Of A Fire

Many people don’t even realize it, but, the best wireless home security system on the market today can help you protect your home and family in case of a fire too. Many home security systems have a built in early warning system that allows everyone to know if there is smoke and fire quickly. This also helps with issues like carbon monoxide which is undetectable for humans.

Having A Home Security System Protects More Than Just Your Valuables.

Having a system in place does help to protect your valuables. Big ticket items like televisions, art work, sentimental items and much more can be made safe with a simple home security installation. However, having a system also provides you with peace of mind. Once someone has had a issue happen like a robbery or break in, it takes an emotional toll. Having a security system helps to put your mind at ease and helps you to move on with your life.

Does It Really Save On Homeowner’s Insurance?

It is a fact that so many insurance companies are offering a discount for having an alarm system installed. They know how important it is to protect your home and family. Taking a little step such as putting the security system in place helps them to reduce claims and they allow you to save on your homeowners insurance.

What Are You Waiting For?

You owe it to yourself and your family to check into home security systems. See which one is right for you. Now that you understand how important they are, get yourself a system today.