Our Mission

Project Lunch questions conventional school food programs and inspires a collaboration among stakeholders to integrate sustainable, local, wholesome, waste free, and organic options while building a food culture that enhances the school community.


  • Feed Marin County students with the most wholesome, local, and sustainable meals at school.
  • Work toward zero waste and a small footprint along each aspect of meal preparation, service and cleanup whether at the cafeteria or in a lunchbox.
  • Honor the vital relationship between healthy food and a healthy mind, body, and earth.
  • Bring together community stakeholders to participate in dialogue, share resources and expertise, inspire thought and effect change.
  • Develop Food Clubs in schools to engage students in the greening of their lunch programs.
  • Create innovative menus with esteemed chefs as a resource for schools.
  • Establish the Project Lunch Standards to be implemented and adopted as school food policy.
  • Host events to inform the community and increase support for sustainable school lunch programs.
  • Create eating spaces that are aesthetically vibrant campus centers.
  • Build a website resource for Project Lunch to be used by schools across the country looking to improve their lunch programs.